Child Custody

In the state of Washington, when disputes between parents arise the court must issue an order referred to as a “Parenting Plan.” This may occur among parents who were not married, or those who are going through a divorce or legal separation. The Parenting Plan will deal with both making decisions regarding a child, the schedule and division of time with the child, as well as any issues relating to abuse or neglect. The Court, by law, must balance the best interests of the child with the important relationship a child has with each parent.

Because time with children is precious to every parent, issues relating to the formation of a Parenting Plan are often the most hotly contested cases before the court. They require the court to often compare and analyze two totally different versions of past events, while also considering the interests and welfare of the child. This makes choice of attorney, and the resulting presentation and argument to the court of critical importance. We provide the advice and representation you need during a child custody case, and pursue the positive outcome that best suits the facts and circumstances of your case.

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