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There are numerous situations in which those who are not parents may seek to establish temporary or permanent custody of a child. These may involve grandparents or family members stepping in when a parent faces challenges such as drug abuse or incarceration. Or perhaps a step-parent wishes to establish parental rights after many years of marriage and a close relationship with the child. Another area in which the law may apply involves same sex couples or domestic partners who have raised children together prior to recent marriage equality laws. In each case, there are unique facts that will make a difference in the approach and handling of the case. Having a skilled attorney will be essential to achieve positive results in such cases.

In the State of Washington, parental rights are very strong. The method to establish a parental relationship are complex, having a legal framework of case law and statute that must be carefully understood. Beyond the law, the manner in which the law is applied to specific facts by judges in the Spokane area also has a profound effect on the case. Douglas R. Hughes has presented on issues relating to non-parental custody law in legal seminars in the past, and can help explain the process in very direct terms to every client.

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