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Cases in which a formal parenting relationship are created have historically been referred to as paternity cases. While the establishment of paternity formally created a parenting relationship, in reality the designation as a parent has far reaching consequences…Read More

Contempt/Enforcement of Order

When the court has issued any order, the legal method of enforcement of that order is called contempt. A motion for contempt carries with it penalties as well as potential sanction from the court for failure to obey the order, including the possibility of attorney fees, fines, or in rare and extreme cases jail time. When circumstances do not legally warrant contempt but enforcement is needed, motions for relief are authorized by the court…Read More

Non-Parental Custody

There are numerous situations in which those who are not parent may seek to establish temporary or permanent custody of a child. These may involve grandparents or family members stepping in when a parent faces challenges such as drug abuse or incarceration. Or perhaps a step-parent wishes to establish parental rights after many years of marriage and a close relationship with the child…Read More